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Never underestimate the impact of fabric, some thread, and a caring heart.

Since 1982, Ohio’s Hospice of Central Ohio has distributed thousands of handmade items that help patients feel more comfortable, bring beauty to their lives, and offer a measure of dignity as they cope with the many physical challenges of a terminal illness. From hand grips to gowns, activity blankets to catheter bag covers and more, our patients receive the items they need to be more comfortable.

Handmade Items Busy Blankets

How You Can Help

Thanks to the Denison University Venture Philanthropy Grant awarded in 2020, Ohio’s Hospice of Central Ohio streamlined the assembly and distribution of the items our patients need most. Our dedicated volunteers contribute their talent to making various items and your donations keep our inventory of fabric and other supplies sufficient to respond to our patients’ needs. Working together, we are able to affordably meet requests like Activity Blankets ($12 ea.), Patient Gowns ($15 ea.), Lap Quilts ($35 ea.) and Veteran Recognition Quilts ($40 ea.).

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