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Serving and Honoring Veterans

Hospice of Central Ohio Serves and Honors Veterans through American Pride® Veteran Care by Ohio’s Hospice Program

Hospice of Central Ohio has the privilege of serving our nation’s Veterans in its care every day. Through the American Pride® Veteran Care by Ohio’s Hospice program, Hospice of Central Ohio honors the service of Veteran patients and assures them of receiving the highest quality of care. In addition to celebrating and thanking Veterans for their service, American Pride assists patients in obtaining access to all the benefits to which Veterans are eligible, provides spiritual support, and addresses individual post-traumatic stress issues. 

“We are proud to be a leader in Veteran care through our American Pride® Veteran Care by Ohio’s Hospice program. This initiative recognizes the unique needs of Veterans who are facing life-limiting illnesses and gives them support while acknowledging their services and sacrifice,” said Bob Allen, American Pride coordinator at Ohio’s Hospice.  

Veteran Recognition Ceremony 

Hospice of Central Ohio is honored to offer a recognition ceremony to any Veteran who has been honorably discharged. The recognitions take place wherever the Veteran calls home. During the ceremony, a volunteer Veteran salutes the Veteran patient and offers them an American Pride pin, which features the American Flag, as a tribute to their service.  

Veteran Volunteers and staff members conduct these ceremonies to recognize Veterans and thank them for their service. 

“Nearly all patients who are recognized consider that time of ceremony to be a highlight of their time after service,” Allen said. 

Honor Flight 

Hospice of Central Ohio is a proud partner of the Honor Flight program, which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor America’s senior Veterans with a free trip to Washington, D.C., to visit the nation’s memorials. These trips celebrate and affirm Veterans’ service and homecoming and offers Veterans the opportunity to share their stories.  

Certifications and Education Opportunities for Staff 

Hospice of Central Ohio supported Ruth Robson, social worker coordinator, to pursue the Serving Veterans and Their Families Certificate, offered by The Ohio State University. The certificate entailed a 14-week course that covered topics such as understanding military structure and culture, the readjustment process for veterans, the challenges of military service, Veteran spirituality, and identifying resources for Veterans and their families.  

“I learned a great deal about the culture of the military,” Robson said. “Learning about many varied and significant psychosocial factors Veterans and their families experience has been especially enlightening. It has given me a much greater appreciation for the service of our military personnel and families, both during and following active duty.” 

Through this course, Robson has learned how to better serve Veterans at Hospice of Central Ohio, including establishing a more comprehensive assessment with Veteran patients to better address physical and emotional health issues. 

“The course has given me information and insight to help put together the pieces of the life story for the Veteran and their family,” she said. “I approach conversations about military service in a different way now. That has resulted in better conversations about their service.” 

Providing Resources and Benefits for Veterans 

Hospice of Central Ohio works with outside agencies to share resources and benefits to Veterans. Some of the resources available are The Veteran’s Administration, Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes, Veteran Voices, Veterans of Foreign Wars, local Veteran’s Hospitals, among others. 

Vet-to-Vet opportunities are also a service that Hospice of Central Ohio provides. It allows Veterans to talk with other Veterans, share life stories, and reminisce. 

If you would like to become involved in the American Pride® Veteran Care by Ohio’s Hospice program at Hospice of Central Ohio, contact Volunteer Services at 740.788.1404 or email 

To learn more about the American Pride Veteran Care by Ohio’s Hospice program, please visit the Ohio’s Hospice website here. 

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