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Nursing Honor Guard

Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard Recognizes Nurses in Our Care

During National Nurses Month, we to recognize our Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard. The Nursing Honor Guard of Ohio’s Hospice honors nurses who are in hospice care with Ohio’s Hospice.

The Nursing Honor Guard is made up of Ohio’s Hospice nurses who conduct a ceremony at the patient’s bedside. Dressed in traditional and historical uniforms comprised of a blue and red cape, white dress and cap, the Nursing Honor Guard recognizes nurses for their commitment to caring and providing compassion to patients.

“Though your nursing tasks are complete, they are not forgotten,” the Nursing Honor Guard tells patients during the ceremony. “It is our honor to express our respect for you as a nurse and our gratitude for the care you have given.”

The Nursing Honor Guard ceremony highlights a nurse’s career and individual achievements. The ceremony also includes the recitation of the Florence Nightingale Pledge, a statement of the ethics and principles of the nursing profession.

“I feel it is the one of the most touching ceremonies I have had the privilege of being able to participant in,” said Kimberly Chupka, team leader crisis care at Hospice of Central Ohio. “Being able to share those stories with loved ones is very gratifying for our patients and inspires us by what we learn from them.”

Since the program was launched in 2019, the Nursing Honor Guard has performed several tributes at the bedside of nurses who are in our care. Nurses from Ohio’s Hospice volunteer to serve in this program. They travel to wherever the patient calls home to acknowledge a patient’s many years of service as a nurse.

“The nursing staff who participate receive a great feeling of benevolence for their participation,” Chupka said.” It has always been a humbling experience for me.

Due to COVID-19, Hospice of Central Ohio has temporarily postponed the tributes. Our Nursing Honor Guard looks forward to continuing the tributes when it is safe to do so.

Thank you to nurses everywhere for your care and service and to all nurses who make up the Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard!

If the Ohio’s Hospice Nursing Honor Guard can serve your family, please contact your care manager for more information.

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