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Retired Staff Volunteering

Retired Staff Member Gives Back as a Volunteer

Peggy Streby never dreamed she would work in hospice. As a full-time mom, she had volunteered at her church and her children’s school for many years. In 1993, her kids were nearing college age, and she had taken a year of computer training in Newark to get back into the workforce. Her professor encouraged her to interview with Ohio’s Hospice of Central Ohio, which at the time was Hospice of Licking County.

When she interviewed with Jim Moss, the executive director, his energy, passion and vision were irresistible. She began working there in June 1993. “I certainly had not intended to work so far from home,” Peggy said. “It is a 50-minute commute each way for me.”

Despite the commute, Peggy spent 26 years working in various roles. She was the first full-time administrative assistant to the executive director. She also worked five years in human resources and nine as executive assistant to the vice president of Philanthropic Development.

She enjoyed supporting the clinical staff and board of directors in addition to working on fundraising events, including Light Up a Life and the golf outing. But she always will remember one afternoon when she stopped for gas on the way home from work. The gas station attendant noticed her name badge. “He thanked me for caring for his grandpa,” Peggy said. “He told me that our care team gave his grandfather back his dignity.”

She retired on her 65th birthday in 2019. “I’ve always been incredibly proud to say that I worked with Ohio’s Hospice of Central Ohio,” she said. “I had 26 wonderful years there.”

Peggy has experienced hospice care as a staff member and a family member. Ohio’s Hospice of Central Ohio cared for her parents, brother-in-law, and several friends and neighbors. “I’ve seen firsthand the extraordinary level of care compared to other hospices,” Peggy said. “Naturally, I wanted to give back to the organization that had supported my family through some of our darkest days.”

She is now a volunteer with the Handmade Items Team. They make comfort items such as gowns, lap quilts, positioning pillows, and “busy” mats for dementia patients. She also continues to work special events such as the golf outing. And, lately, she has been helping compile a history of the organization for the 40th anniversary.

Special thanks to Peggy for her support of our mission both as a staff member and a volunteer!

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