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Help us tell our story…

It’s your story too.

Hospice of Central Ohio is celebrating 35 years of serving the end-of-life needs of our community. If you’ve been touched by our services, we’d like to hear your story. Please take a few moments, and the space below, to share your thoughts. We’ll collect these stories throughout the remainder of 2017, and share them at various intervals in our year of celebration.

Thank you for the privilege of supporting you when you needed it most.

Not sure what to say? Let these questions and statements help prompt you.

  • What does Hospice of Central Ohio mean to me?
  • How have I been touched by Hospice of Central Ohio’s services?
  • Thanks to Hospice of Central Ohio, I  __________________________.

Share your story...

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Hospice of Central Ohio: Building Trust, Providing Comfort…Since 1982

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